Family Videos
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We wanted to share some of our family films we had in our library. So we are publishing some of them, but not all of them. If you would like to contribute to this effort, or have any questions, suggestions, corrections, or comments, please email me, or call.

We wanted to share some of our family videos we had in our library. So we put a few of them on this web page to share. Our family photos, our digital publishing, and our other photos web pages are also open to our visitors.

This site requires at least a 1280 x 800 screen resolution.

November 2013 ~ Brush Pile Burn Party


This is a short viedo taken November 2013 of our brush pile burn party. Evidently, you can’t burn at night.

Tyanne and Justin Family Videos


This is a video of Hayden during his 1st baseball season, and with Jordon passing ball. TT is in this too, with Hayden testing their strenght. Hayden is also giving his impression of Grandpa Graham.

2013_riley_moodsRiley is one cute little girl, and she does have her many moods.

12-2010_riley-1st-b-day Riley’s 1st birthday was in December 2010.

02-2013_tubing This is a short clip of the kids tubing in February 2013 at Ski Roundtop.

September 1988 ~ Ian’s Birthday


When our sons Justin and Ian were young, their birtdays were family affairs. In this video you will see our home, and how it looked when we first moved in; re-purposed farm land. Also, my cousin David Hipp and his family; Jeannie, Shannon, Pepper, and JJ would visit. Also Janelle’s mom, dad, sister, and Aunt Charolette, my dad and mom, sisters, and all our boy's cousins.

December 1988 ~ X-Mas at Grandma Grahams


This is the only known video of my Grandma Graham, Ruth Etta Barr. We may have others but I haven't located it just yet. Some of the video was taken by our sons Ian and Justin, so you’ll understand the strangeness in parts of the recording.

September 1989 ~ Ian’s Birthday


This is another video of our home, and you will see family members; my cousin David Hipp and his family; Jeannie, Shannon, Pepper, and JJ. Also Janelle’s mom, dad, sister, and Aunt Charlotte, my dad and mom, sisters, and all our boy's cousins.

August 1992 ~ Graham Family Reunion


Check out this Graham Family Reunion taken August 1992 at the Franklin Township Municipal Park outside Dillsburg Pennsylvania.

August 1992 ~ Lucius and Zak the Cat


This video was taken in August 1992 of Lucius, our English Mastiff, and Zak the Cat. As the video starts you can see Zak sleeping on Lucius's hind leg. You can barely see Zak’s ears sticking up. When Justin was four years old, when he selected Zak out of a litter of kittens. Zak doesn't look like it, but he is 5 years old in this video. I took this video early in the morning, catching the two waking up together.

Zak raised Lucius since he was a pup, and they were inseparable. Lucius died in 1998, and our family got a Basset Hound, Pete-Dawg. Zak raised Pete-Dwag too, and they were also inseparable. Zak lived to be 18 years old, and died in 2008. Pete-Dawg died in June 2011.

1961 ~ 1962 8mm Graham Family Film


These are video clips from an 8mm film in my families stuff. I had them transferred to VHS tape, which I then had transferred to a digital format. The original 8mm film is probably lost, or at least I can’t find them. This is an unedited version, so it will be in timeline sequence. Starting in 1961 and ending in 1962 with the grand opening of my families gas station in Camp Hill Pennsylvania.

The video starts out with my dad’s younger brother Keith (a.k.a. Butchie or Butch) Ellis Graham. Butch is seen been pulled by his phony, a Shetland pony named Stormy. The cart had sled runners on the wheels. With Butch on the cart are my cousins Sherrie Rosenberger in the middle, and Calvin Hipp. They are coming up Water Street in Franklintown, by my parent?s home. As they pass by, myself and my sisters follow behind the cart.

The next segment of the video is of an Easter Egg Hunt at the Dillsburg Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) club. Then some dark video clips, and other short segments of the interior of our home with me playing with my mom.

The second segments are of myself, wearing a hooded sweet-shirt, and my sisters sledding by our home. The older sister trying not to look at the camera is Rosemary, who never wanted to be filmed. The other older girl is my Joan, and my younger sister is Debbie.

The third segment was taken during Easter Sunday 1961, in our typical Easter Cloths. We’re walking up Water Street from Alice Shaffer’s house, who went to church with us. We have still photos of this day.

This segment is of my Dad who always went on deep sea fishing trips to the Atlantic. Then there are lips of me and my sisters playing around our home on Water Street Franklintown. A real quick clip is of me walking my dog, Oscar, which was a Boxer breed. Then there are clips of what looks like a birthday cake with candles. Because the ext clips are of a winter scene, I suspect the birthday was either mine in September or Debbie's in December.

The 5th segment is of our family at a Klinger family reunion, which as a quick video of my great Grandma Emma Long Klinger-Kitner, my mother's grandmother. It also contains clips of Uncle Dick Klinger, his wife Lola, older daughter Donna, and son Jay; Betty Klinger and her husband John Hooven, and their children John Jr., and Linda; Uncle Russell Klinger in the plaid shirt, and Grandpa and Grandma Klinger.

The last segment of the video is of the Graham’s Service Station grand opening held on the Carlisle Pike, Camp Hill Pennsylvania. The opening was held in late spring 1962. In this video you can see this section of Carlisle Pike as it was in 1962, my grandpa Graham’s antique Har-Par Tractor that he always had at the William’s Grove Steam Engine shows, and his Ford Model-T. You can also see my Dad’s 1936 Lincoln Zephyr V-12, Grandpa Graham, my sisters, Grandpa Graham’s half brother Earl Briton Greenawalt, my Dad, and maybe a peek of me giving kids rides by leading Stormy around the gas station.