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This web page contains most of our research papers on our many families, and the families we are researching.

Since this is a family history web sharing concept, we are sharing a few personal family photos and family videos. There's also other photos that we've come across in our research that are not directly related to our family, but are part of our local history.

All of our research papers are continually being researched and updated. The papers are fully cited with source citations, end notes, and bibliographies. This will allow other researchers to check our work, and verify our findings.

All papers are written in Microsoft Word and converted to Adobe "pdf" formats, which will allow you to download them. If you want our original MS Word papers, or other supporting material, or if you don't see what you're looking for, and if you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email us.

Barr ~ Ellis Families

Melchoir Bär I (1688-1771)                     Melchoir Bär II (1726-1773)

James Ellis (1816-1865)                          James Ellis's Will (1816-1865)

Manasses Barr (1826-1903)                    Elizabeth Ellis-Toms (1838-1913)

James Ellis (1842-1899)                          William H. Ellis (1845-1931)

George D. Ellis (1849-1907)                    William H. Ellis (1862-1939)

James L. Ellis (1866-1921)                      Henry Ellis (1867-1947)

Isaac B. Ellis (1869-1936)                       Harvey Barr (1870-1951)

Graham ~ Greenawalt Families

Nicholas Greenawalt (1754-1831)            Robert Graham (1805-1887)

Peter Greenawalt (1808-1871)                 John Graham (1810-1883)

William A. Graham (1833-1908)              James Graham (1835-1911)

Henry Greenawalt (1839-1923)                David Howard Graham (1842-1902)

David Theodore Graham (1861-1916)     Thomas Greenawalt (1867-1940)

Samuel Greenawalt (1869-1951)              Franklin E. Graham (1873-1928)

William Graham (1873-1948)                   William Graham (1873-1948) Bio

Calvin Greenawalt (1878-1955)                Solomon H. Graham (1876-1944)

Isaac N. Graham (1885-1954)                  Norman Graham (1896-1948)

Calvin Graham (1905-1983)

Early 18th Century Cumberland County Pennsylvania Graham Families

Francis Graham (1719-1777)                  William Graham (1719-1805)

William Graham (1753-1813)                   William Graham (1787-1856)

James Graham (1813-1879)

Hines ~ Thomas Families

Hezekiah Thomas (1825-1862)                 Hezekia Thomas Mexican War Timeline

Hezekia Thomas Civil War Timeline           Paul Kishbaugh (1829-1864)

Paul Kishbaugh Civil War Pension            Harry Hines (1858-1928)

Hines Family Notes                                    Hines Genealogy Chart

Klinger ~ Kinter Families

John A. Klinger (1811-1872)                      Charles Edwin Klinger (1853-1916)

Charles Edwin Klinger (1874-1927)           David Kitner (1811-1844)

Mankamyer ~ Bittner ~ Lepley ~ Blume Families

Henry Bittner (1727-1794)                          Adam Lepley (1745-1831)

Henry Smearman (b.1802)                          Ludwig Mankamyer (1809-1870)

George Blume (1810-1891)                         Christian Mankamyer (1833-1914)

Carolina Mankamyer (1839-1892)              Adolph Mankamyer (b. 1852)

Josiah Mankamyer (1865-1957)

Sollenberger ~ Diller ~ Bentz Families

Caspar Diller I (1696-1787)                        Ulrich Sollenberger (1717-1767)

Caspar Diller II (1744-1796)                       Martin Diller (1760-1845)

Caspar Diller III (1768-1825)                      John Sollenberger (1771-1855)

Joseph Sollenberger (1798-1882)                 Solomon Diller (1806-1891)

Samuel Diller (1809-1873)                          Michael Bentz (1830-1895)

Jacob Sollenberger (1832-1899)                  Tobias Bentz (1853-1934)

Taylor ~ Hengst Families

Michael Hengst (1732-1802)                      George Taylor (1777-1858)

Anton Einzig (1804-1859)                           John Taylor (1806-1872)

David Einzig (b.1807)                                 David Einzig (1829-1908)

Henry F. Taylor (1831-1912)                      John Einsig (1831-1915)

David K. Einsig (1850-1911)                      John Henry Einsig (1859-1939)

James K. Taylor (1865-1941)                      James K. Taylor York County Biography

Wrightstone ~ Arnold Families

Peter Arnold (1732-1795)                           Johann George Arnold (1764-1824)

John Wrightstone (1791-1856)                    William Wrightstone (1807-1881)

Michael Wrightstone (1825-1903)               John Wrightstone (1830-1905)

John Arnold (1835-1918)                            Luther Arnold (1868-1931)

Frank Wrightstone (1872-1929)                  Samuel Wrightstone (1874-1957)

Edwin Wrightstone (1874-1957)