Taylor Family History
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Our parents were Kenneth Henry James Taylor and Jane Alice Hines.  Ken and Jane met in 1947 during weekly Saturday night roller skating events in the city of York, the county seat of York County Pennsylvania.  They married and eventually moved to the city of Lancaster in Lancaster County.  Ken was working in the printing trade learned from his father and grandfather. 

On November 10th 1953 their daughter Janelle was born, and on December 16th 1954 their other daughter sister, Susan Lynn, was born. 

The family eventually moved to Mount Joy and later to Elizabethtown Lancaster County Pennsylvania where the girls attended the Elizabethtown School District. 

Most of the girl's ancestral lines arrived in America during the early and mid 18 th century, except for the Einsig and Mankamyer families who arrived in America at the first quarter of the 19th century.  The girl's Taylor family settled in York County Pennsylvania; while her mother's Hines family came from various other county regions of Pennsylvania.  As far as we can tell, her families' origins are from Germany, and England and Wales.

Jane Alice Hines was born on August 9th 1927 to Paul David Hines and Irene Belle Mankamyer.  Jane was named after Paul's maternal grandmother, Martha Jane Kishbaugh-Thomas, who always was referred to as Jane, and Irene's adopted mother's name, Alice Lepley-Blume

Paul's mother's maiden name is Harriet (Hattie) Vitter Thomas.  Hattie was born June 1882 in East Mauch Chunk Carbon County Pennsylvania, which today is known as Jim Thorpe.

Hattie’s parents were Daniel Stewart Thomas and Martha Jane Kishbaugh.  Martha used her middle name Jane for all her married life. 

Hattie’s parents lived in East Mauch Chunk during their entire marriage, which is reflected in the 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 census records.  According to hand written notes from Paul Hines, Daniel Thomas's father was Hezekiah Thomas, who fought in the Mexican War and the Civil War.