Graham Family Histories
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Our Graham line dates back to John Graham of early Cumberland County Pennsylvania. However, we are unable to locate John's Pennsylvania parents, and their origins. So our research continues, and in that process we have been developing research papers in our search for our Pennsylvania Graham origins.

This web page is always being worked. It is dedicated to the many 18th and early 19thcentury Cumberland County Pennsylvania Graham families. What follows are brief summaries on these families.

We do have more research papers, which were developed to help us weed through the relationships between Graham families. These papers are continually being researched and updated. They are all fully cited with source citations, end notes, and bibliographies.

Please don’t hesitate to email us with any question or help in our work. The links below take you to brief descriptions on the families, and our research papers.

Francis Graham (1719 - 1777)       William Graham (1719 - 1805)

William Graham (1753 - 1813)       William Graham (1787 - 1864)

Francis Graham (1719 - 1777)

Here’s the research paper on Francis Graham (1719-1777).

We are using a suffix for Francis; Francis Graham II, because we believe that he is the son of Francis Graham. Our research paper provides the details.

Francis Graham II is one of our earliest settlers of Lurgan Township Franklin County Pennsylvania. Lurgan Township existed as part of Lancaster County as early as 1743. Other townships included in early Lancaster County the territory were Letterkenny, Greene and Southampton Townships.

Francis II was warranted land on September 8th 1755, and on the earliest survey, there was a John and Arthur Graham owing adjoining property. From Franklin County Wills of 1777-1785, we know Francis and John were brothers.

Francis Graham was born about 1719, possibly 1723, in Chester, Lancaster County Pennsylvania. He died August 4th 1777 (Possibly May 1780 at date of Letter of Administration), and was buried in the town of Roxbury, Lurgan Township Cumberland County Pennsylvania, now Franklin County.

Francis married Mary Thompson in early Lancaster County, which is now Cumberland County Pennsylvania. Mary was born about 1723 in Chester County. She died April 29th 1789 in Lurgan Township. In her a will, dated June 29th 1787, she listed her children.

i.    Francis Graham III was born May 13th 1760, Lurgan Twp Cumberland Co Pennsylvania.

ii.   Jean (Janet)Graham, married David Jordon.

iii.  Margaret Graham married James Patterson.

iv.   Mary Graham born March 5th 1747, married Thomas Pummery (Pomeroy)

v.    Hanna (Ann) Graham married John Pummery (Pomeroy)

vi.   Ester Graham married Charles Gibson or Gibons.

vii.  Elizabeth Graham married John McCarrell.

viii. Sarah Graham married Joseph McGibbons-McKibbens.

William Graham (1719 - 1805)

Here's the research paper on William Graham (1719-1805).

This William Graham is one of the very early Graham families to settle in early Lancaster County, before Cumberland County was formed. We often refer to this family as William Graham of Shermans Valley. This was a very large family, whose members are tangled in with the other leading Graham clans of this area.

William of Shermans Valley was buried in Loysville, Tyrone Township Perry County, and he had an estate in Raccoon Valley, which is in the south side of the Tuscarora Valley region, located in the Tuscarora and Juniata Township areas of Perry County. I’ve seen a reference that their residence was 1-1/2 miles west of Bull's Mills.

Some years ago, prior to 1789, William Graham came from Chester County to live in Raccoon Valley, near Bull’s Run. He was born about 1719 in Chester County Pennsylvania, and died November 30th 1805 at the age of 86 in Shermans Valley. He was laid to rest in the Centre Presbyterian Cemetery, west of Loysville, Tyrone Twp. Perry County Pennsylvania.

It was proposed, but not factually determined, William married Susanne Ann Miller, who was born about 1720 in Germany or Pennsylvania.

When William Graham of Shermans Valley died in 1805, he had 3 sons and 5 daughters. The following is a profile of William's children, reconstructed from the obituary and the will.

i.    John Graham, eldest son died unmarried. The will makes no mention of his name. But the other references say his name is John Graham the son of William Graham who was killed by Indians in 1763.

ii.   James Graham, 2nd son, was 1st married after being in the Revolutionary War, and has had 12 children who are still living by 1805.

iii.  William Graham, “...son William, and one of the sons a son...” This would seem to indicate that William is the youngest of the three sons, and he had a son named William. William’s wife may have been an Elliot, who may have had a son Thomas Elliot Graham born circa 1826. Other men named William in this area were married to Nancy Copeland and Jean White. There are three William’s in this area with similar profiles.

iv.   Elizabeth Graham, the will mentions her as the eldest daughter, Elizabeth Marshall. Her birth and origin is undetermined, but it was most likely in Cumberland County Pennsylvania. Her death is unknown. She was from Rye Township when she married John Marshal June 26th 1781, who was born in 1758 Rye Township Cumberland County, present day Rye Township Perry County Pennsylvania.

v.    Sarah Graham, the will mentions a 2nd daughter, Sarah Robinson. Her birth and origin is undetermined, but most likely Cumberland County Pennsylvania. Her death is unknown. 1st marriage was with David Marshall in 1786; 2nd marriage was to James Robinson, who is living on William’s Estate in 1805.

vi.   Susanna Graham, the will mentions a 3rd daughter, Susan Robinson. Other records indicate her birth was in 1760, most likely Cumberland County Pennsylvania. Other records indicate she died about 1827 or 1834 in Perry County. She married Robert Robinson who was born about 1767 in Cumberland County, and died in November or December 1834 in Raccoon Valley, Tuscarora Township Perry County. Robert’s father was George Robinson.

vii.  Margaret Graham, the will mentions a daughter, Margaret Black. Other records indicate birth was about 1767, most likely Cumberland County Pennsylvania. Other records indicate she may also go by the name of Agnes or Ann. She married James Black of Big Spring June 14th 1792 who may have been born about 1765 - probably in Cumberland County.

viii. Jane (Jennie)Graham, the will mentions her as the youngest daughter, Jane Milligan. Other records indicate she was born about 1767 or 1769 in Cumberland County and was from of Rye Township. She died March 12th 1850. She married John Milligan on August 11th 1791 who may have been born about 1764/1765 in Cumberland Co and died circa 1842. Unnamed Graham married February 23rd 1826 to Samuel Milligan both of Saville Township, present day Juniata County Pennsylvania.

William Graham (1753 - 1813)

Here’s the research paper on William Graham (1753-1813).

We are working to identify the parents of this William Graham, who lived in the same vicinity and region of William Graham (1719 - 1805) of Shermans Valley, early Cumberland County Pennsylvania. These two families and their members are tangled up, and we continue to unravel them.

William Graham was born in 1853, and died April 1813. He married Frances Lyon, who was the daughter of John Lyon and Margaret Armstrong. (Margaret was the sister of Major General John Armstrong.

William and Frances raised their family in early Cumberland County region of Tuscarora Valley, where he had property and status. In many historical references, he is referred to as William Graham Esq., who later in 1780 and 1790 had property and businesses in present day Spruce Hill Township Juniata County Pennsylvania. Willima and Francis had seven children.

i.    John Graham was born 1780 and died in 1866. He married Mary Turbett.

ii.   James Graham died before 1813.

iii.  William Graham was born 1785, and died in 1864. he married Martha Patterson.

iv.   George Graham was born 1787.

v.    Samuel Graham was born 1789. he married Isabella Patton.

vi.   Nancy Graham was born 1791, and married James.

vii.  Alexander Graham was born 1795, and married Mary Duncan.

William Graham (1787 - 1864)

Here’s the research paper on William Graham (1787-1864).

The only reason William and Agnes are considered as the parents of John and Robert Graham comes from a genealogical worksheet conducted in July 1989 by Donna Persky of Indiana. In her work, Donna believes that William and Agnes are the parents of John and Robert;“...because William is a blacksmith...”.

From the estate and will record of Elizabeth Graham, and the 1850 census records, we know for certain that the following were related to William and Agnes Graham.

i.     Jannet Graham born 1820, died May 16th1876, and never married.

ii.   Elizabeth Graham born 1824, died May 27th1883, and never married.

iii.   Ester Graham born 1833. Ester was not mentioned in Jannet's or Elizabeth’s will. William would have be 46 years old and Agnes would have been 43 years old when Ester was born.

iv.   William Graham born 1835. William would have be 46 years old and Agnes would have been 45 years old when William was born. We think this may be William A. Graham born 1832, who married Henrietta, and in 1880 lived in Carlisle.

v.    James Graham born about 1841. William would have be about 54 years old and Agnes would have been 51 years old when James was born. In the will of Elizabeth Graham she indicated she had a brother James Graham late of Dearborn Indiana, and a nephew James H. Graham of North Madison Indiana.

Also from Elizabeth's will, she mentions a cousin, Mrs. Mary Mitchell of Philadelphia.