Ellis Family History
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Our grandma Graham, Ruth Etta Barr, was the daughter of Harvey Joseph Barr and Sarah Henrietta Ellis. Their marriage was the joining of the Barr Families and the Ellis family.

Sarah's grandparents were James Ellis and Mary Ann Luxon[1]  James and Mary were both born in the county of Cornwall England, and where married there in the district of St Austell.

After the family immigrated in 1849, they lived in Reading, Pottstown, and Boyertown of Berks and Montgomery Counties Pennsylvania.

End Notes

[1.] The name Luxeon is spelled as the family spelled it. It is also spelled on page 18, Harrisburg Telegraph, Thursday, July 24th 1944. Luxeon may have be from the place in Cornwall, which is normally spelt Luxulyan. Mining and quarrying are (or rather, were) major industries in Cornwall, particularly for tin and copper, and for china clay. Taylor~Graham Library, 479 County Line Road, York Springs Pennsylvania 17372.