Graham ~ Greenawalt Families
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The Graham Families and the Greenawalt Families are very early settlers of Pennsylvania’s expansion west during the mid to late 18th century.

My relationship comes through the marriage between my great grandparents; William Graham (1873-1948) and Sarah Greenawalt (1865-1946).

William Henry Graham was born September 12th1873 in Southampton Township Franklin County Pennsylvania. Southampton is a rural route area just west of Shippensburg Pennsylvania. The township is one of many townships that separate Cumberland and Franklin Counties.

William was born to William Albert Graham and Mary Oliver of Southampton Township, Shippensburg Post Office Pennsylvania. William Albert Graham was the son of John Graham and Lydia Devor. Just one month shy of William’s first birthday in August 1874 his mother died. There is no evidence on the cause of her death; if her death was due to illness; or complications with the birth of another child, and if it was another child...did the child live?

Also during this same time period of William’s cousin Elmer Franklin Graham was born, whose mother died in December 1872. Elmer was given to another family member to be raised, and eventually adopted and raised by his older brother David Theodore Graham. The resemblances between my great-grandfather William, his cousin Elmer Graham, and his uncle David Graham are remarkable.