Klinger Family History
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Our mother was Dorothy Irene Klinger who married our father, Robert Harvey Graham.

Our mother's parents were Edwin (Ed) Charles Klinger and Irene Mary Wrightstone.

Ed’s father was Charles Edwin Klinger Jr., who was the oldest child born to Charles Edwin Klinger (Sr.) and  Malinda Jane Daniels. Charles E. Klinger Sr. was the 6th child born to John A. Klinger and Susanna Romberger.

Our Klinger Family

Our Klinger line traces it’s roots to our Colonial patriarch  Johann Phillip Klinger (1723-1811), whose ancesters can be traced back to the 16th century (1500 A.D.) regions of Rielingshausen and Württemberg Germany. As it was in German naming traditions, their Christian name (1st given name) was not used, and the men went by their given (middle) name.

Philip arrived in the American Colonies with his brothers Alexander and Johann Peter from Pfaffen-Beerfurth mountainous region of Odenwald, which is located in the of the Hessen state of Germany. Philip and his brothers entered Colonial Philadelphia, and eventually migrated to the Reading area of present day Burks County Pennsylvania. During the period leading up to the Revolutionary War Philip migrated west; living in and around the county boundaries separating Schuylkill, Dauphin, and Northumberland of Pennsylvania. A few family members settled the area know today as Klingertown in Upper Mahantango Township Schuylkill County Pennsylvania. This area of Schuylkill County borders Northern Dauphin County and Northumberland’s southern boundary. Our Klinger families continue to live in and around Klingertown, and the region of North Dauphin County in the Townships of Upper Paxtang, Mifflin, Washington, Gratz, Wiconisco, and Lykens.

Johann Philip Klinger immigrated from Germany to America on September 2nd 1749 with his brothers, Alexander and Johann Peter Klinger from Wirtembergers near Erbach Germany, on the ship “Albany” with Mr. Robert Brown as the Ship-Master from Rotterdam, last from Cowes with 285 passengers on board. The name on the passenger list was spelled as it appears “Klinger.” [1] “...Both were the sons of Johann and Agatha Klinger living in Odenwald Hesse State, Phaffen-Beerfurth, Germany. Both Philip and Alexander were listed in the Revolutionary Records as: Private Philip (Johann) and Private Alexander Klinger serving under Lieutenant Spad’s and Captain Sherman’s Company which were the (early years) records of the Bergs Militia Guards of 1762...” [2]

Another story says that Johann Phillip Klinger arrived in this country on September 24th 1751 aboard the ship Neptune through the port of Philadelphia.[3]  Johann Phillip Klinger and his first wife Anna Marie did arrive in Colonial Philadelphia and settled in the Reading area of Pennsylvania. It was here that Anna Marie died without bearing children. Johann Philip then returned to Germany, and after taking his second wife, Eva Elizabeth, they returned to America. Johann Philip took up 1000 acres of land in what is now the neighborhood of Klinger’s Church (Zion). He built his log home at the foot of the church hill south of the Mahantongo Mountain in what is now known as Lykens Valley. The Klinger family donated the land for the church and cemetery. Johann Philip was 77 when the first church was built. Prior to the first church being built, they would have a few services each year at the church-house when the Preacher could make his journey (from a distance) into the valley. Alexander took up land east of Klingerstown in Mahantongo Valley.

Philip’s first home in this area was around Pine Creek close to Klingertown. His sons and their families settled around what is now Klingerstown. But, as the story goes, the wilderness was too wild for Alexander and his wife so they left to go back to the Reading area where they lived the remainder of their lives. Both Alexander and his wife Anna Elizabeth are buried in Reading.

Johann Phillip Klinger (1723-1811)

Johann Phillip Klinger was born July 11th 1723 in Pfaffen Beerfurth, Odenwald, Hessen, Germany. He died on September 30th 1811 in Erdman located in Lykens Township Dauphin, Pennsylvania. John Phillip married Eva Elizabeth Beilstein who was born on October 27th in Brandau Germany, and died on September 30th 1749 in Lykens, Lykens Township Dauphin County Pennsylvania. John Phillip and Eva married on May 21st 1754 in Neunkirchen, in the Kreis District, in the middle of Saarland Germany.

Their children were all born in Reading, Berks County Pennsylvania.

i.    Johann Philip Klinger was born April 3rd 1753.

ii.   Elizabeth Marrien Klinger was born March 10th 1756.

iii.  John George Klinger was born May 13th1761.

iv.   Cristina Klinger was born June 30th 1764.

v.    Johann Alexander Klinger was born February 17th 1767.

vi.   Johann Peter Klinger was born November 3rd1773 in Washington Township, Northumberland County Pennsylvania.

Johann Peter Klinger (1773-1858)

John Peter Klinger was born Novemebr 3rd1773 in Washington Township, Northumberland County Pennsylvania. Johann died August 10th 1858 Erdman, Dauphin County Pennsylvania. Johann married Catharina Steinbruck who was born May 3rd 1774 in Berrysburg, Dauphin County Pennsylvania. Catharina died September 21st 1845 in Erdman, Dauphin County.

Johann and Catharina married in 1791 while living in Erdman, Dauphin County.

Together they had the following children:

i.    John Phillip Klinger was born March 11th 1792 in Dauphin County Pennsylvania.

ii.   Eva Elizabeth Klinger was born Septemebr 16th 1794 in Jordan, Northumberland County Pennsylvania.

iii.  Johan Peter Klinger was born Janurary 2nd 1796 in the Lykens area of Dauphin County Pennsylvania.

iv.   John George Klinger was born Janurary 7th 1798 in Lykens.

v.    John M. Klinger was born March 10th 1802 in Lykens.

vi.   John P. Klinger was born March 18th 1802.

vii.  Alexander Klinger was born May 25th 1805 in Lykens.

viii. Hanna Klinger was born October 21st 1807 in Lykens.

ix.   Johann Adam Klinger was born Feburary 18th 1810 in Lykens.

x.    Jacob S. Klinger was born Janurary 29th 1813 in Lykens.

xi.   Daniel Klinger was born Janurary 28th 1816 in the Lykens area of Dauphin County Pennsylvania.

Johann Phillip Klinger (1792-1857)

John Philip Klinger was born April 20th 1792 near Erdman in Dauphin County Pennsylvania. He was baptized on May 6th 1792 at the Zion (Klinger’s) Church in Erdman Dauphin County. His sponsors were his grandparents; Philip Klinger and wife Eva Elisabeth. John died Novmeber 12th 1857, and is buried at the Zion (Klinger’s) Church Cemetery (Row 1/Stone #31), in Erdman Dauphin County Pennsylvania. John 1st married Catharine Shreiner about 1809. Catharine was born April 2nd1794 in Lykens Dauphin County. Catharine died August 27th 1854 in Lykens.

Their children were:

i.    John A. Klinger was born March 23rd 1811 in Lykens, Dauphin County Pennsylvania.

ii.   Lydia Klinger was born on July 18th 1813 in Lykens, and died in 1858.

iii.  Catherine Klinger was born Decemebr 9th 1815 in Lykens, and died in 1847.

iv.   Susannah Klinger was born Janurary 27th 1817 in Erdman, Dauphin County. Susan died in 1885.

v.    Salome Klinger was born in 1819.

vi.   Solomon Klinger was born March 8th 1820 in Lykens, and died in 1893.

vii.  Elias Klinger was born March 23rd 1822 in Dauphin County, and died in 1889.

viii. Charles Klinger was born in 1824 and died in 1887.

ix.   Elizabeth Klinger was born October 13th 1825 in Lykens.

x.    Samual W. Klinger was born in 1826 and died 1897.

xi.   Caroline Klinger was born in 1827.

xii.  Sarah Klinger was born in 1828 and died in 1872.

End Notes

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[2.] This information came from the Romberger Family History, Robert Averell Library, raverell@carolina.rr.com

[3.] This information came from a decedent of Johann Phillip Klinger; R. W. (Bill) Hughs Jr., Klingertown Pennsylvania.