Norman Wesley Graham Photo History
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We have very few photos of our great grandparents, William and Sadie Graham, family. We do have a nice set of photos from their son, Calvin and Ruth Graham and their family, and a few photos of Calvin's half brother Norman Graham. Norman was the son of of William and Dellia Killinger.

Unless we know the date of the photo, we will estimate (c-circa) the date based on a number of factors; knowing a person and estimating their age in the photos, clothing styles, photographic techniques, etc.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, or have any questions, suggestions, corrections, please email me.

Norman Wesley Graham Photos

Norman was born July 4th 1896 in Strasburg Franklin County Pennsylvania to William Henry Graham and Dellia Catherine Killinger. By 1916 Norman Graham would go to Kansas where on January 10th 1920 he met and married Hilda Wilhelmina Pigorsch. Hilda was the daughter of Augustus Wilhelm Pigorsch and Anna Drawanz. Norman would returned to Hopewell Township Cumberland County with Hilda, where many of their children were born. By the early 1930s Norman and Hilda moved their family back to Dickenson County Kansas.

After they married Norman and Hilda lived with Hilda’s brother Otto, and his wife Lizzie in Dickenson County Kansas. While in Kansas their first son, Eugene, would be born in 1920. They would later move back to Newburg, Hopewell Township Cumberland County Pennsylvania. They lived next door to Norman’s mother Della Killinger-Hockenberry and her 2nd husband Grover Cleveland Hockenberry.

Norman and Hilda lived at 333 State Road Hopewell Township Cumberland County when they had their next six children. Read about Norman and Hilda Graham’s family. Together they had eleven children who all grew up and lived in Jefferson Township Dickenson County Kansas.

i.    Eugene Graham, born July 10th 1920 in Ramona Kansas, died at an early age.

ii.   Orville Earnest Graham was born August 6th 1922 in Chambersburg Franklin County Pennsylvania.

iii.  Floyd Cleveland Graham was born August 20th 1923 in Chambersburg Franklin County Pennsylvania.

iv.   William Franklin Graham was born April 19th 1925 in Fredericksburg, Crawford County Pennsylvania.

v.    Charles P. Graham was born February 25th 1927.

vi.   Isabella C. Graham was born June 8th 1928 in Shippensburg, Cumberland County Pennsylvania. She married Mr. Bezdek.

vii.  Albert F. Graham was born August 25th 1929. Albert married Peggy and together they had:
a.   Sharon Graham married Dryer.

b.   Teresa Graham married Dillon.

c.   Iris Graham married Small.

d.    Ernest Graham lives in Hutchinson Kansas.

viii.  Viola Mae Graham was born May 19th 1931 in Elmo, Hope Township, Dickenson County Kansas. She married Dean G. Stevens in December 1948, and their children are:
a.   Patricia K. Stevens, born November 5th 1949.

b.   Richard Allen Stevens, born March 25th 1958; died January 11th 2009.

ix.   Velva Jane Graham was born February 19th 1933 in Elmo, Hope Township, Dickinson County Kansas. She died January 10th 2008 in Belton Missouri. She married Edward Brunner, and they had 4 boys and 3 girls.

x.    Zelda Ora Graham was born September 17th 1939 in Elmo, Hope Township, Dickinson County Kansas. Zelda was married three 3 times: 1st to William Henry Martin in 1954, and they had 5 daughters. Zelda then married John Hatfield, and they had one son. Zelda then married Richard Fryhover, and didn't have any children.

xi.   Gale Lee Graham was born June 20th 1941 in Elmo, Hope Township, Dickinson County Kansas. He married Sandy and they live in Strong City Chase County Kansas.

The following photos were provided by the family members of Norman and Hilda.

NWG (01 Norman Graham and Hilda Wilhelmina Pigorsch, who married on January 10th 1920 in Abilene Kansas.

NWG (02A) From the left is Orville, and his little brother Floyd Graham taken in Shippensburg Pennsylvania.

NWG (03) Norman Graham, circa 1940s.

NWG (05) Norman and Hilda Graham Family-1946: Kneeling left to right: Velva, Isabella, Zelda, Viola, and the youngest son Gale; Center Row - Standing Left to Right: Orville, Floyd, and William in their Army uniforms, and Hilda and Norman; Back Row Left to Right: Charles and Albert. This is a close up of Norman taken off of the same photo.

NWG (07) This is a photo was taken Feburary 1961 of Norman’s mother, Dellia Catherine Killinger. Dellia first married William Henry Graham, and then to Grover Cleveland Hockenberry.

NWG (08) Hilda Wilhelmina Pigorsch-Graham.

NWG (10) Velva Jane Graham and her husband Edward Brunner.

NWG (12) Isabella C. Graham and her husband Henry Bezdek.

NWG (15) This photo of Norman and Hilda Graham’s children was taken in 2000, Left to right; Velva Graham-Brunner, Isabella Graham-Bezdek, unknown.