Wrightstone ~ Arnold Photo History
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Our grandmother, Irene Mary Wrightstone, was the daugher of Edwin Underwood Wrightstone and Hattie Amelia Arnold.

Edwin's Wrightstone Family History begins with his grandfather John Wrightstone and his wife Magaret Hart; and his John's brother William Wrightstone and his wife Catherine (Katie) Morgan.

John and Margaret had a large family, which includes two brothers: Michael and John.

Michael and Eliza Wrightstone Family Photos

Michael Wrightstone was born on October 3rd 1825 to John Wrightstone and Margaret Hart. He married Eliza Jane Kline. Together they had nine children.

i.    Ulysses S. Grant Wrightstone was born June 7th 1866, and died October 20th 1943.

ii.   Ira Alfred Wrightstone was born June 11th 1867. He married Christeena Stalter-Felter on July 26th 1915.

iii.  William Elmer Wrightstone was born December 7th 1868. He married Ella B. Kreider on April 12th 1894.

iv.   Charles Howard Wrightstone was born March 28th 1870, and died February 20th 1871; aged 10 months, 23 days. Charles wa liad to rest at Filey's Church and Cemetery on Filey's Road in Monaghan Township York County Pennsylvania, near Dillsburg Pennsylvania. The church burned down in 2010. His name was placed on the family headstone.

v.    Franklin Marion Wrightstone was born January 20th 1872. He married Edith E. Miller.

vi.   Edwin Underwood Wrightstone was born August 20th 1874. He married Hattie Amelia Arnold, on December 2n 1902.

vii.  Irvin Caley Wrightstone was born July 11th 1878. He married Bertha Alice.

viii. Maurice Percy Wrightstone was born February 17th 1880. He married Luelle Pearl Nelms on November 2nd 1912.

ix.   Ida Mae Wrightstone was born July 6th 1885. She married Jonathan I. May on February 2nd 1904.

Ulysses Grant Wrightstones Photos

Ulysses Grant Wrightstone was referred to as Grant. He was born June 7th 1865 while the family lived in the Siddonsburg area of Monahan Township York County. The family bible indicated his name as Ulysses S. Grant Wrightstone.

We don't know who Grant did married, but he indicated he was married about 1905, and we're not aware of him having any children. By 1910 Grant was living, without his wife, in the home of Ella Barge at 613 Cumberland Street in Harrisburg Dauphin County Pennsylvania.

In 1920 he identified himself as a widower, still living with Ella Milligan-Barge, and her daughter Cora and her husband Roy Himmelright. In 1930 Grant lived with Roy and Cora Himmelright at 631 Schuylkill Street in Harrisburg, and by 1940 he lived at the National Hotel in Mechanicsburg with Ella Barge's daughter and her husband; Roy and Cora Himmelright.

UGW (01) On the back of the photo: Uncle Grant. Grant resembles his brother Frank, and his cousin George Wrightsone. The photo was taken by Cook Photographers in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Grant lived in Marysville Perry County in 1900, and about 1905 he married and moved to Harrisburg PA. The photo is c. 1905. Photo UGW (01A) was scanned as a color photo. Grant's sister, Ida Mae, also had a photo taken by Cook Photographers.

UGW (02) Grant's Memorial Pamphlet; he died October 20th 1943, and his services were held at the Myers Funeral Home in Mechanicsburg.

UGW (03) Grant's gravesite, Plot: section 36, East Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg, Dauphin County Pennsylvania. He was laid to rest in the East Harrisburg Cemetery, in the Roy and Cora Mae Barger Himmelright plot, parallel with their flat stone marker.

Ira Alfred Wrightstones Photos

Ira Alfred Wrightstone was born June 11th 1867 in the Siddonsburg area of Monaghan Township York County Pennsylvania. Ira also was referred to as Al and in some newspaper articles as Alvin, which we interpret as Alfred.

Ira was 48 years old when he married 39 year old Christeena Stalter-Felter on July 26th 1915 in Bloomingburg New York. Christeena Stalter 1st married David Henry Felter, who died prior to 1910. Christeena moved with her son William in Warrick, Orange County New York.

After Ira and Christeena married, they bought a home on Green Street in Shiremanstown Cumberland County Pennsylvania. The home was not far from Ira's brother and his family, Frank, who lived on East Green Street. Christeena's daughter Ida Felter-Stalter and her family, and Christeena's son, William Felter and his family, were also living at the Green Street home.

Ira and Christeena did not have any children, but she was previously married and had three children. We're still loking for photos of Ira and his family.

IAW (01) Ira's Memorial Pamphlet.

IAW (02) Christeena Felter-Wrightstone's Memorial Phamplet.

IAW (03) Ira and Christeena Wrightstone's headstone at the Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania.

William Elmer Wrightstones Photos

William Elmer Wrightstone was born December 7th 1868 in the Siddonsburg area of Monaghan Township York County Pennsylvania. He married Ella B. Kreider April 12th 1894 in Cumberland County Pennsylvania. Together they had three boys.

i.    Harold Kreider Wrightstone: (1896-1942)

ii.   Walter Hall Wrightstone (1898-1954)

iii.  Eugene Raymond Wrightstone (1901-1978)

WEW (01A) On the back of the Photo: Harold, Walter, Eugene Wrightstone ~based on ages my take is, Left to Right: Walter, Eugene, and Harold; sons of William and Ella Wrightstone. 01B is a color scan of the original photo.

WEW (02) This is a 1915 photo at William Wrightstone's brother, Frank Wrightstone's home in Shiremanstown Pennsylvania. WEW (02A) has the names imposed on the photo. William's and Frank's sister, Ida Mae Wrightstone-May is also in the photo with her husband and children.

WEW (03) William's son, Walter Hall Wrightstone's Memorial Pamphlet. We have another photo of the Hull family livery stable, and the back of the photo the name "Hall" is written as "Hull".

The Hull families were friends of the Wrightstone's, and later Ralph Hull and the Graham family were associated with the Williams Grove Steam Engine Association.

We're interested in learning if there is a relationshop in the names and familes.

WEW (04) This is the newspaper obituary of Bessie M. Wrightstone. William's son Eugene married his cousin; Bessie May, who was Jonathan May's and Ida Wrightstone's daughter. Ida is the youngest sister of William Wrightstone. Ida's middle name is Mae. See WEW (02A).

Franklin Marion Wrightstones Photos

Franklin Marion Wrightstone was born January 20th 1872 in the Siddonsburg area of Monaghan Township York County Pennsylvania. In 1900 Frank living and working as a farm laborer for Chris and Laura Harbold in Monroe Township Cumberland County Pennsylvania. Frank eventually rented a farm, and married Edith E. Miller in 1902.

Frank and Edith began their family living in Kohlertown, which is located on South York Street on the outskirts of Mechanicsburg Cumberland County Pennsylvania. They had eight children.

i.    Ralph Wrightstone

ii.   Jay Wayne Wrightstone

iii.  Leroy (Roy) Wrightstone

iv.   Sarah Wrightstone

v.    Lloyd Wrightstone

vi.   Albert (Al) Wrightstone

vii.  George Wrightstone

viii. Pearl Wrightstone

FMW (01A) Frank and Edith Wrightstone; Frank resembles his brother Grant, and his cousin George Wrightstone. Photo FMW (01B) is a close up of Frank, and FMW (01C) is of Edith.

FMW (02) On the back of the photo: Aunt Edith, Uncle Frank, Ralph ~ Frank and Edith Wrightstone with their 1st born, Ralph Henry Wrightstone.

FMW (02B), FMW (02C), and FMW (02D) are photos of Frank and Edith Wrightstone's home at 7 Green Street Shiremanstown Cumberland County Pennsylvania.

FMW (03) Frank and Edith; Frank died in 1929 at 52 years old. The photo is of poor quality.

FMW (04) Frank worked as a mechanic for the local trolleys. Frank is the 2nd man from the right.

FMW (05C) We have two photos: 1st photo has written on the back: Uncle Frank Wrightstone family; 2nd photo has written on the front, left to right: Ralph, Roy, Sarah, Wayne. Left to Right: Ralph, Leroy (Roy), Sarah, and Jay Wayne. c. 1909; Sarah was born in 1907.

FMW (05D) 1913 Photo at Kolhlertown School outside Shiremanstown; FMW (05E) is a closer look at the students, and FMW (05F) has names imposed on the photo.

FMW (06) 1915 Frank Wrightstone reunion in Shiremanstown Pennsylvania; In the photo is Frank's sister, Ida Mae Wrightstone and her husband Jonathan I. May. FMW (06A) has the names imposed on the photo.

FMW (06B) A 1916 photo; Left to Right: Ralph and Leroy (Roy, and FMW (06C) and FMW (06D) are 1917-1918 photos of Jay Wayne.

FMW (07) Taken in 1935; Edith Miller-Wrightstone, photo FMW (07B) is Edith with Jonathan I. May, and photo FMW (07C) is Edith with her son, Wayne's wife, Kay.

FMW (08) This is a 1941 photo of Edith Miller-Wrightstone, photo FMW (08A) is Edith and her son Wayne; and photo FMW (08B) is Edith and her grandchildren, Wayne is on the left, and Kaye is on the right. Wayne and Kay are the children of Edit's son Jay Wayne Wrightsotne.

FMW (09) Left to right; Lloyd, Roy, Al, George, Wayne, Grandma Wrightstone. Leroy was known as Roy, Al is short for Albert, Jay Wayne was known as Wayne. FMW (09A) has the names written on the photo.

FMW (09B), FMW (09C) is another pose. FMW (09D) is what was written on the back of the photo: Lloyd's wife Lulu, Albert's wife Faith, Roy's wife Mary, Wayne's wife Kay, George's wife Evelyn, and Edith Wrightstone.

FMW (10) Taken in 1943; Left to Right: Nancy (Nan)Wrightstone; Kaye, and Wayne. Nan is Leroy Wrightstone's daughter, and Kaye and Wayne are Jay Wayne Wrightstone's children.

FMW (11) Circa 1943; The back of the photo has two rows of names: top row is Clarene, Wayne, Bill; second row of names are Fred, Kay, Nan ; These are Frank and Edit Wrightstone's grandchildren. FMW (11A) is what was written on the back of the photo.

     Left to Right; Sarah E. Wrightstone-Sheaffer's children: Caroline and Fred; Jay Wayne's children: Wayne and Kay; Sarah E. Wrightstone-Sheaffer's son: Bill; Leroy (Roy's) Children: Nancy's (Nan) behind the steering wheel of the car, and Betty and Robert are on the passenger's seat of the car.

FMW (12) Circa 1943; Left to Right: the boy stooped over is Billy; Fred; Caroline without a shirt; Wayne; the girls in the back are Left to Right are Kay and Nancy. Photo FMW (12A) is Nancy (Nan) Wrightstone, Leroy Wrightstone's daughter FMW (12B) Left to Right: Elaine, and Leroy's children; Bob holding a baby, Nancy and Betty holding a child.

FMW (12C) Edith is holding two of her grandchildren.

FMW (13) 1945 Williams Grove Pennsylvania, FMW (13A) is what was written on the back of the photo: Carol Spangler (Pearls); Grandma Wrightstone; Wayne Wrightstone; Kenny Spangler; Young Wayne W; Young Roy W; Freddie Sheaffer; Williams Grove 1945. Beside Young Wayne is his sister Kay, and not Roy W. Roy W. is beside Kaye, and Freddie is not in the photo.

FMW (13B) 1945 Williams Grove Pennsylvania, and FMW (13C) is what was written on th back of the photo: Lloyd W and son; Grandma Wrightstone; Mary Wrightstone; Kay Wrightstone; Roy Wrightstone; Fred and Billy Sheaffer, Williams Grove 1945.

FMW (13D) Edith is holding her granddaughter, Carole Spangler, the daughter of Pearl Wrignhtstone-Spangler.

FMW (14) Taken in 1947; Edith's daughter Sarah E. Wrightstone-Sheaffer's children: Left to Right: William, Peggy, Caroline, and Fred.

FMW (15) This is a photo of Betty Wrightstone's, and photo FMW (15A) is a photo of her sister Nancy (Nan) Wrightstone. They are high school graduation pictures of the two daughters of Leroy Wrightstone.

FMW (16) No date on this photo. FMW (16A) is what was written on the back of the photo: 1st Row; Roy W., David Berry, Albert W., Ross B., John May; 2nd Row: Oscar Miller, Lloyd W., George W.; FR: Jay Spangler, Bob W., Ralph Jr, Lloyd, Ken & Don Spangler.

     Front Row,Left to Wright: Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler's son Jay; Leroy Wrightstone's son Bob; Ralph Wrightstone's son Ralph Jr. holding Lloyd Wrightstone's son Lloyd Jr.; Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler's sons, Ken and Don Spangler

     Middle Row Left to Right: Edith Miller-Wrightstone's brother Oscar Miller; Lloyd Wrightstone; and his brother George Wrightstone.

      Back Row Left to Right: Leroy (Roy) Wrightstone; Albert Wrightstone's step son to his 2nd wife, David Berry; Albert Wrightstone; Ida May Wrightstone's husband, Jonathan I. May; Albert Wrightstone's other step son to his 2nd wife, Ralph's older son Ross Wrightstone; the back of the photo says Ross B., but that would mean Ross berry and I’m not sure about that.

FMW (17) There was no date on this photo. FMW (17A) is what is written on the back of the photo: B.R. Mary W. (Roy's wife, Pearl, Faith W.; 2nd R. Mary W. (Ralph's wife) Grandma W. Mary & Ruth W. Lulu & Ross's Wife; Carol and Kat Spangler; Carolyn, Nancy, Evelyn, Lloyd, Elaine.

      Front Row,Left to Wright: Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler's twin daughters Carol and Kay; little girl kneeling is Ralph Wrightstone's youngest daughter Caroline; Leroy Wrightstone's daughter Nancy is holding Lloyd Wrightstone's son Lloyd Jr.; kneeling is Elaine, and leaning over Mary is George Wrightstone's wife Evelyn.

      Middle Row Left to Right: Ralph Wrightstone's wife Mary; Edith Miller-Wrightstone; Ralph Wrightstone's two daughters, Mary and Ruth.

     Back Row Left to Right: Between Ralph's wife Mary and Edith Miller-Wrightstone is Leroy's wife Mary; between Edith and Ralph's daughter Mary is Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler; behind Evelyn who is leaning over is Albert Wrightstone's first wife Faith; and next to her is Ralph Wrightstone's son, Ross's wife; and between Faith and Ross's wife is Lloyd Wrightstone's wife Lulu.

FMW (17B) A pre 1949 photo of Frank's and Edith's headstone at the Mechanicsburg Cemetery, note that Edith's date of date is not etched into the stone, and FMW (17C) which is a photo of the headstone taken in 2010.

FMW (18) This photo was taken in 1965 at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA: Jay Wayne Wrightstone standing with his son Jay Wayne. FMW (18A) is Jay Wayne Wrightstone.

FMW (19) 1970; Left to Right: Frank and Edith Wrightstone's children; George, Leroy (Roy), Albert (Al), Pearl, and Jay Wayne (Wayne).

FMW (19A) 1973, Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler taken at Hickory Road Picnic.

FMW (20) The photo of the wall portrait was taken June 12th 2005 at Pearl's home. The wall portrait is of Frank and Edith Wrightstone's grandchildren; Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler's children: Sitting Left to Right: Don Spangler; Carol Spangler-Fernbaugh; Standing Left to Right: Jay Spangler; Kay Spangler-Rittenhouse; and Ken Spangler.

FMW (20A) Albert's son, Albert Wrightstone Jr.; engagement announcement, December 14th 1986.

FMW (20B) Leroy (Roy) Wrightstone's Memorial Pamphlet.

FMW (20C) Lloyd Wrightstone's newspaper obituary, December 2nd 1986.

FMW (20D) Jay Wayne Wrightstone's newspaper obituary, September 1986.

FMW (20E) George F. Wrightstone's newspaper obituary, April 3rd 1993.

FMW (20F) Ralph's oldest son, Ross Wrightstone's obituary, June 6th 1994.

FMW (21) Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler taken in 2002, FMW (21A) was taken in 2003 of Pearl.

This group of photos were taken in 2004 of Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler's 85th birthday.

FMW (22) Pearl with her nephew Jay Wayne Wrightstone.

FMW (22A) Starting at the window is Pearl's daughter Carol Spangler-Fernbaugh; Jay Wayne Wrightstone; Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler, and her son Jay Spangler.

FMW (22B) Sstarting at the window is Don Spangler's son and his wife; Don's wife and Don Spangler.

FMW (22C) Pearl's son Don Spangler and his wife.

FMW (22D) Pearl's grandson, Don Spangler's son and wife.

FMW (22E) This is a photo of the whole group at Pearl's 85th birthday.

FMW (23) June 21st 2005 Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler, age 87, with her nephew Jay Wayne Wrightstone; FMW (23A) The photo was taken June 20th 2005 at Enders Grove: Pearl and her son Jay Spangler sitting next to his sister Carol Spangler-Fernbaugh, across from their cousin Jay Wayne Wrightstone.

FMW (24) 2007 photo of Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler with her nephew Jay Wayne Wrightstone.

FMW (26) Pearl Wrightstone-Spangler-Kogan funeral memorial card.

Albert Nelson Wrightstones Photos

We would like to thank Albert Wrightstone Jr., and his daughter Sara for these photos. Albert Nelson (Al) Wrightstone was born to Frank Wrightstone and Edith Miller February 26th 1913 in Shiremanstown Cumberland County Pennsylvania.

Al first married about 1938 to Faith Elizabeth Good-Berry, who was born 1907 to Albert and Jennie Hess. Faith had a son, David Berry, who lived with them in Shiremanstown, and he was a step son to Albert.

After his marriage with Faith, Albert married Palmina LaPietra, who was born April 6th 1936 to Olga Staniscia and Peter Lapietra. Olga was the daughter of Luigi and Sarah Staniscia.

Albert and Faith Wrightstone had two children.

i.    Albert N. Wrightstone Jr., lived at home when father died

ii.   Andrew N. Wrightstone lived at home when father died.

ANW (03) Jonathan May and Edith Miller-Wrightstone.

ANW (05) Al Wrightstone in his navy uniform during WWII, and ANW (05A) is an August 1945 photo of Albert with his son, Albert Jr.

ANW (06A) Al Wrightstone July 1944, while he served in the Navy during WWII, ANW (06B), ANW (06C), and ANW (06D).

ANW (06E) Front Row, left to right; Al Wrightstone, Pake (Pahe), Hofmann, Lreciazk, and Sweeny; Back Row, left to right; Addison, Swingford, Renore, Nagy, and Hunsucker. ANW (06F) is the back of the photo, and maybe you can decipher the hand writing.

ANW (08) Chuck

ANW (08A) Unknown woman

ANW (08B) Unknown woman

ANW (08C) Unknown man

ANW (09) Al Wrightstone

ANW (11A) Police Chief Al Wrightstone with unknown children from March 30th 1967 at Shiremanstown Elementary School.

ANW (12) A photo of a small reunion; left going around the table are: Albert Wrightstone, Pearl Wrighstone-Kogan, and ANW (12A) is another photo of the same small reunion; left going round the table; unknown, unknown, Jay Wayne Wrightstone Jr.

ANW (13) An August 16th 1970 photo of Loyde Wrightstone's wife, Lulu.

ANW (15) March 1983 Wrightstone gathering; left going around the table, and ANW (15A) left to right; ?????

ANW (25) A 2007 photo of Albert Jr. Wrightstone's daughter, Sarah Wrightstone.

Frank Wrightstone Reunion Folder

We also have a few photos of their family reunions.

1955 Shiremanstown

1968 Shiremanstown

1969 Shiremanstown

Maurice Percy Wrightstones Photos

While in Taylorville, when Maurice was 32 years old, he married 26 year old Luelle Pearl Nelms on November 21st 1912. Luella went by the name Pearl, and she was born September 22nd 1886 in Owaneco Christian County Illinois to Doctor John W. Nelms and Charlotte E. Yockey. They had no children.

MPW (01A) This photo is in poor condition. The man behind the plow is most likely a Wrighstone. It could be Edwin, or a bother. MPW (01C) is an enhanced version. MPW (01B) is the back of the photo, which is stamped, P. M. Wrightstone, Photographer. This is in reference to Maurice using his own camera to take the photo. The photo most likely was taken while he still lived with his father, Michael; c. 1898 to 1900. Maurice may have tried is occupation as a photographer.

Starting about 1902 Maurice became a traveling salesman, married in Illinois, and became a plumber, and had a business in McCook Red Willow County Nebraska. In 1900 Michael and his family, including 20 year old Maurice, live in Upper Allen Township Cumberland County Pennsylvania, Shepherdstown Post Office. The mountains in the background appear to be similar to those in Monaghan Township York County, and the Shepherdstown Area. Once the photo is enhanced, I may be able to locate the location the picture was taken.

MPW (03A) This is a scanned image of the Nelms Family, which we got off the Internet. The Numbers are written on the photo for the person and their names. In the MPW (03B) photo is Maurice Wrightstone and his wife Pearl Nelms-Wrightstone. MPW (03C) has names imposed on the photo.

MPW (04B) This is a close up of Maurice Percy Wrightstone.

MPW (05A) This is a close up of his wife Pearl Nelms-Wrighstone.

Ida Mae Wrightstones Photos

Ida Mae Wrightstone (IMW) married Jonathan May, and they had four children.

i.    Bessie May, who married her cousin Eugene Wrightstone

ii.   Warren May

iii.  Jesse (Jess) May

iv.   Beulah May

IMW (01) Ida Mae Wrightstone, and her husband Jonathan I. May was taken by Cook Photographers of Harrisburg Pennsylvania; most likely when they married in 1904. Ida's brother, Grant, also had a photo taken by Cook Photographers.

We think this is one the eraliest known photos of Ida with her neice, Irene Mary Wrighstone, our grandmother. Irene is the daughter of Ida's brother, Edwin Wrightstone.

IMW (02) Ida and John May Children: Left to Right: Bessie M.; Warren; Jesse A.; Beulah I.; IMW (02AA) is another pose of the children.

IMW (03) Ida's brother, Frank Wrightstone, 1915 gathering in Shiremanstown Pennsylvania. Photo IMW (03A) has some of the names imposed on the photo. Ida's other brother, William, is also in the photo.

IMW (04) Ida Mae Wrightstone.

IMW (04A)Ida Mae Wrightstone-May and Jonathan May.

•     Ida died in 1931, and Johnathan went to live with Ida's sister in law, Edith Miller-Wrighstone in Shiremanstown. Edith was the wife of Ida's brother, Frank Wrightstone. FMW (07B) and ANW (03) are photo of Jonahan May and Edith Wrightstone.

IMW (05) Ida and Jonathan May, and Beulah May-Smith head stone at Filey's Church and Cemetery, Filey's Road in Monaghan Township York County Pennsylvania.

IMW (07) Jonathan May's Memorials Pamphlet.

IMW (09) Jonathan and Ida May's daughter Bessie M. May-Smith obituary.

Unknown Photos

These photos were in the Wrightstone-Sollenberger-Bentz family collection, but we could not positively identify the people. The collecions came from the families of Edwin and Hattie Wrightstone.

EUW (11A) This photo was part of the Ruth Wrightstone-Miller Collection, provided by Sharon Rankin; Written on the back of the photo: This was taken on Samuel's 8th birthday April 29 th 1922. We know that the little boy to the right is Clyde Wrightstone; See photos EUW (07) and EUW (07A). We're still determining who Samuel may be.

Irene Klinger Photo Collection

Irene Klinger (IK) is the daughter of Edwin Wrightstone and Hattie Arnold. Irene married Ed Klinger, and the collection came from my mother, Dorothy Irene Klinger.

IK (01) This photo was in the Irene Wrightstone-Klinger Collection. It is of a woman in a white dress.

IK (02) This photo was in the Irene Klinger Collection, it is of a baby, about 6 months old, the photographer is: Penn Park Studio, York Pennsylvania. Simon Diller's family lived in this area.

IK (04) This photo was in the Irene Klinger or Dottie Klinger-Graham's Collection; two boys.

IK (05) This photo was in Irene Wrightstone's Collection, taken by Childers studio of Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. Most likely mother and daughter; possibly Evelyn Burgard and her mother Gertie Bentz-Burgard, they were close to Irene.

Julia Wrightstone-Edmunds Photo Collection

Julia Edmunds is the daughter of Edwin Wrightstone and Hattie Arnold. Julia married Fritz Edmunds, and the collection came from their daughters; Sharon Rankin, and Marsha Sharp. Julia had most of the photos from her parents Edwin and Hattie Wrightstone, and all the photos from her sister, Ruth Wrightstone, who married Ken Miller.

JW (02) This little boy looks like a Sollenberger. There were no markings or comments on the back of the photo. We are certain the boy is from the Sollenberger or Bentz family.

JW (02A) This photo came from Ruth Wrightstone-Miller. It's a photo of an older portly looking man. His appearance looks like it could be a Wrightstone, See MPW (04). He may be a Wrightstone, but we don't really know.

JW (02B) I can only think the photo is from the Wrightstone, Sollenberger, Bentz, or Diller family. It appears to be an artist sketch of an older man.

From all of the photos I've seen and studied, my positive guess is John or Michael Wrightstone, my outside guess would be Tobias Bentz's father; Michael Bentz.

JW (02D) This photo was part of the Ruth Wrightstone-Miller Collection, provided by Sharon Rankin, It's a photo of two women.

JW (02E) It's a photo of a young girl. Possibly Mabel Wrightstone.

JW (02F) A photo of young boys. The boy on the left with his cap is dressed like the one with his butt pointing at the camera. The boy holding his cap isn's dressed like the other two. I think the two boys dressed the same are the twins; Ralph and Raymond Wrightstone The boy on the right, may be a relative or friend.

JW (02G) We may know someone knows who this is.

Clyde Edwin Wrightstone Photo Collection

Clyde is the son of Edwin Wrightstone and Hattie Arnold. Clyde married Hazel Moyer, and the collection came from their daughters; Linda Minnich and Sue Witters.

CEW (25) This a photo of a group of tourist at the Gettysburg Battlefield. I suspect it is a photo of young Wrightstone boys, and possibly an older Wrightstone. The photo was taken between 1910 and 1920. The man standing to the extreme right resembles Grant Wrightstone in UGW (01), or his brother Frank Wrightstone in FMW (01B), or their cousin George Wrightstone in GBW (01B).

CEW (25D) These are photos of the 2010 site of the original Gettysburg Battlefield photo CEW (25) was taken.

CEW (25H) is the monument, which was part of an effort by the War Department in 1909 to place Monuments throughout the battlefield. This was during a time when small parcels of ground where purchased and owned by the Federal Government; hence the fence in the foreground.

CEW (25I) The crescent moon on the monument represents the 11th Corps Artillery Brigade commanded by Major Thomas Osburn. The 11th attached to the Army of the Potomac, Chief of Artillery under the command of Brigadier General Henry J. Hunt.

The monument itself represents the position of Battery G, 4th US Artillery commanded by Lt. Bayard Wilkeson and Lt. Eugene Bancroft. This particular monument is located north of Gettysburg; Route 34 to Howard Avenue.

CEW (25J) 1910 Peerless Passenger Auto, and CEW (25K) is a 1911 Pierce Arrow Auto. Both cars are similar to the one in CEW (25).

CEW (26) This photo is a group of men and boys at a barn slaughtering a pig. I suspect it is a photo of young Wrightstone boys, and possibly an older Wrightstone. Look close at the man in the hat. CEW (26B) is a close up of the man in the hat, who resembles the man in JW (02B).

John and Elizabeth Wrightstone Family Photos

John Wrightstone was born September 19th 1830 to John Wrightstone and Margaret Hart. He married Eliza Wire. Elizabeth Wire is the sister of John Wire, who married John Wrightstone's younger sister, Barbara Wrightstone.

John and Eliza had twelve children, but only three suvived to raise familes.

i.    Margaret Ellen Wrightstone was also referred to as Maggie, Ella, and Ellen. Margaret was born on July 13th 1858. Margaret 1st married a Mr. Lehman and they had one daughter Mary Jane Lehman, who was born in 1876. Ellen then married Charles F. Shuff in 1879.

ii.   George Benson Wrightstone was born July 8th 1864 John Wrightstone and Elizabeth Ann Wire. George married Mary (Minnie) L. McQuate.

iii.  Jonathan Kline Wrightstone was born March 7th 1868. Jonathan married Sarah Ellen Fortney on October 17th 1889 in Mechanicsburg by Reverend Stewart.

JW (01) These are photos of Filey's Church and Cemetery on Filey's Road in Monaghan Township York County Pennsylvania, near Dillsburg Pennsylvania. The church burned down in 2010.

•     John's brother; Michael Wrightstone, his wife, and son Charles Howard Wrightstone are also buried in this cemetery, and Michael's daughter Ida May Wrightstone-May, her husband, and daughter are too.

JW (02) This photo shows John and Elizabeth Wrightstone's headstone in the distance. JW (02A) shows John and Elizabeth Wrightstone's headstone, and to the right is their son Jonathan and his wife Sarah Wrightstone's headstone.

JW (03) There are the two headstones of John and Elizabeth Wrightstone, JW (03A), and JW (03B) are close up photos.

George Benson and Mary Wrightstone Photo Index

This collection of photos are from Robert and Greg Wrightstone, and their father George Robert Wrightstone

Son of John and Elizabeth - George Benson Wrightstone (GBW) married Mary L. McQuate, and they had three children.

i.    Mary E. Wrightstone was born May 1890 in Cumberland County Pennsylvania

ii.   Jacob Paul Wrightstone (1897-1988)

iii.  Sarah M. Wrightstone was born May 1899 in Cumberland County Pennsylvania. Sarah married Lester Greenfield and they had a son named Lester Greenfield

GBW (01) John and Elizabeth Wrightstone's son, George Benson Wrightstone holding his son Jacob Paul Wrightstone; c. 1900 I see a resemblance between George, and his cousins Ulysses Grant Wrightstone and Frank Marion Wrightstone.

GBW (02) George and Mary Wrightstone's son; Jacob Paul and Elleatha Wrightstone sons: Left to Right: George Robert, Harold Marshal, Donald Marlin, and John Paul; c. 1933 or 1934.

GBW (03) Jacob Paul and Elleatha Wrightstone's family; Left to Right: Harold Marshal, his father Jacob, Donald Marlin, and his mother Elleatha Mildred Shearer, and George Robert; Back Row, Left to Right: John Paul, Vivian Opel, and Miriam Arlene. c. 1935 or 1936.

GBW (04) Jacob Paul Wrightstone tenant farmer for John McCormack.

GBW (06) Joyce A. Basehore-Wrightstone Obituary; George Robert Wrightstone's wife.

GBW (08) 2013 Photo of George Wrightstone and his son Bob Wrightstone.

Jonathan K. and Sarah Wrightstone Photo Index

Johnathan K Wrightstone (JKW) married Sarah Ellen Fortney, and they had five children.

i.    Elmer Jay Wrightstone was born June 1890

ii.   Russell Guy Wrightstone (1893-1969)

iii.  Zedna Wrightstone was born March 1895

iv.   Laura M. Wrightstone was born June 30th 1904

v.    Ruth M. Wrightstone was born circa 1907

JKW (02) Jonathan and Sarah Wrightstone headstones at Filey's Cemetery.

JKW (03) JKW (03A), JKW (03B), JKW (03C), and JKW (03D) are photos of Russell Wrightstone baseball cards. In the early 1920's he played for the Philadelphia Phillies as a 3rd baseman and other infield and utility positions. After 1926 he played for the New York Giants as a 3rd baseman.

JKW (03E) JKW (03F), JKW (03G), JKW (03H), and JKW (03I) are of Russ Wrightstone when he was part of the 1922 Philadelphia Phillies baseball team.

JFK (03J) JKW (03K), JKW (03L), and JKW (03M) are of Russ when he was part of the 1928 New York Giants baseball team.

JKW (04) JKW (04A) and photos of Russell Wrightstone's baseball glove.