Klinger ~ Kinter Photo History
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Our Klinger ~ Kinter family history is still being researched. Our grandfather, Edwin Charles Klinger married Irene Mary Wrightstone.

Ed was born to Charles Edwin Klinger Jr. and Emma Long Kinter. Ed's grandparents were Charles Edwin Kliner Sr. and Malinda Jane Daniels, who had eight children.

i.    Charles Edwin Klinger Jr. (1874-1927)

ii.   Ida Pearl Klinger (1876-1938)

iii.  William Elmer Klinger (1878-1944)

iv.   Albert J. Klinger (1883-1970)

v.    Harry Victor Klinger (1886-1958)

vi.   James Franklin Klinger (1889-1965)

vii.  Unknown, died prior to 1900

viii. Unknown, died prior to 1900

Charles Klinger and Emma Kinter Photos

Unfortunately their are only two photos of his family.

ECK (01C) We believe this is a photo of Charles Edwin Klinger Jr. and two of his brothers.

ECK (01D) We believe this is a photo of Charles Edwin Klinger Jr.

ECK (01D) This is a photo taken in 1966 of Emma Long Kinter-Klinger.

There is one photo, I think looks like a young Ed, but it's probably not Ed, who was married to Irene in 1926. The photo was in the Tobias Bentz collection, and it was taken about 1932. Written on the back of the photo: 2 women and man that Grandpa Bentz brought over to Eberley farm to visit. The farm was where the Wrightstone Family lived on the Carlisle Pike in Hampden Township.

Edwin Klinger and Irene Wrightstone Family Photos

Irene Wrightstone’s Family Photos  is one of the largest photo collections we have. The photos below are from Ed and Irene Klinger’s family.