Mankamyer ~ Bittner Photo History
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Here’s the research paper on Josiah Christian Mankamyer, who is our maternal great-grandfather. He married Ida Belle Bittner

We also have a number of Mankamyer ~ Bittner ~ Lepley ~ Blume family research papers, and you can read about the Mankamyer Family or the Bittner Family on our web site.

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Mankamyer ~ Bittner Family Photos

When Josiah (Joseph) and Ida married, our Mankamyer ~ Bittner Lineage was created.

Joseph was married twice; 1st to Ida Belle, and after Ida died in 1898, Joseph married Maggie Grooms-McQuate. Maggie was previously married to Edward D. McQuain in Staunton County Virginia, and they had a daughter, Stella McQuain. Joseph adopted Stella, and he and Maggie had three more children together; Thelma, Edmond, and Joseph.

Ida was born to Nataniel Bittner and Lydia Lepley. When Ida died in 1898, her daughter, and our great-grandmother, went to live with Lydia's sister Alice Lepley-Blume. Alice was married to William Blume, who was born to George Blume and Catherine Elizabeth Ritter.

Joseph and Ida had three daughters.

i.    Eva Grace Mankamyer

ii.   Uda Ruth Mankamyer

iii.  Irene Belle Mankamyer

MBB (00) George Blume, father of William Blume.

MBB (00A) Catherine Elizabeth Ritter-Blume, mother of William Blume.

MBB (01) Josiah (Joseph) Mankamyer and Ida Bittner married February 11th 1892 by Richard Norris, Pastor of the Cumberland Street M. E. Church of Cumberland, Allegany County Maryland.

MBB (01A) Joseph Christian Mankamyer Wedding Photo.

MBB (01B) Ida Belle Bittner Wedding Photo.

MBB (01C) Ida Belle Bittner

MBB (02) Ida died in 1898, and on August 22nd1902 Josiah, age 36, of Meyersdale Somerset County Pennsylvania, and Margaret (Maggie) McQuain, age 27, of Boynton Elk Lick Township Somerset County were married in Cumberland, Allegany County Maryland.

MBB (02A) Margaret Grooms-Mankamyer Wedding Photo

MBB (03) Ida Mankamyer's sister, Emma Bittner, a daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia Bittner

MBB (03A) Written on the back of the photo, Lyddie Bittner; may be Nathaniel's wife, circa 1860.

MBB (04) William Blume and Alice Lepley

MBB (04A) William Blume

MBB (04D) Alice Lepley-Blume

MBB (04E) Alice Lepley-Blume

MBB (05) Joseph and Ida Mankamyer’s daughters: Left to Right; Eva Mankamyer, Euda Mankamyer, and Irene Mankamyer

MBB (05A) Euda Mankamyer 4yrs Old

MBB (05B) Eva Mankamyer 5yrs Old.

MBB (05C) Irene Mankamyer 2yrs Old.

MBB (05G) Joseph and Ida Mankamyer's daughters in their teens: Left to Right; Eva Mankamyer, Irene Mankamyer, and Euda Mankamyer.

MBB (06) Nathaniel and Lydia Bittner Family, Their daughter Ida Belle Bittner, who married Joseph Mankamyer, died Nov 11th 1898. She was born after her bother Albert Bittner.

     Sitting Left to Right: Nathaniel and Lydia (Lepley) Bittner.

Standing Left to Right: Albert - Eleanor - Susan - Emma – Clifford

MBB (06A) Mankamyer ~ Blume ~ Bittner Family Reunion: Left to Right;

     Front Row: Oscar Mankamyer, Glen Bittner, Kenneth Bittner, Howard Mankamyer, Vernon Bittner.

2nd Row: William (Billie) Blume, Girl w/Light Hair-Pauline Mankamyer Smith, Girl w/Dark Hair-Beatrice May Waltz, Alice Lepley-Blume, Girl-Luella Bittner Hostetler, Nathaniel Bittner, Lewis Mankamyer.

3rd Row: Joseph (Joe) Mankamyer, and his 2nd wife Margaret Grooms-McQuain-Mankamyer, Susie, Emma, and Laura Bittner, Nora Mankamyer.

Back Row: Irene Mankamyer-Hines, Grant Bittner, Lewis Mankamyer Jr., Clifford Bittner, Carl Mankamyer.

MBB (06B) The hand written note naming the people in the MBB (06A) photo.

MBB (08) Nathaniel and Lydia Bittner family Home, Left to Right; Clifford Bittner, unknown male, Emma Bittner, William and Alice Blume, Irene Mankamyer, Grant Bittner, Albert Bittner

MBB (09) Sitting is Irene Mankamyer, and her half sister Stella McQuain-Mankamyer.

MBB (09A) Joseph and his second wife, Stella McQuain’s daughter, Stella McQuain.

MBB (10) Alice Lepley-Blume

MBB (10A) Alice Lepley-Blume, circa 1917

MBB (11) Written on the photo, 1912; photo of William Blume, their adopted daughter Irene Mankamyer, and Alice Lepley-Blume

MBB (11A) Written on the photo; 1916, the photo was on a a "Loring Studio" cardboard photo frame. It's a photo of Alice Lepley-Blume, William Blume, and Irene Mankamyer. This photo was pasted to the back of MBB (11)

MBB (11B) Irene Mankamyer, and MBB (11C) is a close up of Irene. Written on the photo: Somerset Pa, 1916.

MBB (11D) May 1916 Irene (Mankamyer) Blume Myersdale High School Graduation Photo.

MBB (11DD) May 1916 Irene (Mankamyer) Blume Myersdale High School Senior Photo.

MBB (11E) May 1916 Myersdale High School Graduating Class Photo; Irene is behind and to the right of the male teacher. When Irene died in 1958, Paul married Irene’s girlfriend, Ester Breig, who is also in the photo

MBB (11F) A 1916 photo of Myersdale High School.

MBB (11G) A 1916 photo of the Myersdale High School Principle, Professor W.H. Kretchman.

MBB (11H) A 1916 Meyersdale High School Class Roster.

MBB (11I) A 1900 Meyersdale High School Class Photo, which we're sure has a few Bittner, Lepley, and Mankamyer people in it.

MBB (12) This is a 1920 photo of the White Oak Church members. The Blume, Bittner, and Mankamyer families attended this church. There are relatives in the photo, but we aren’t sure who they are.

MBB (13) May 29th 1956, Meyersdale High School 1916 Class Reunion

MBB (14) 1955 Mankamyer-Blume-Bittner Family Reunion Photo

MBB (15) Paul and Irene Hines

MBB (16) William Blume, Jane Alice Hines, and Alice Lepley-Blume, circa 1930, Taken while the family live in York Pennsylvania.

MBB (16A) Alice Lepley-Blume, circa 1930.

MBB (16B) William Blume, circa 1930 in York Pennsylvania.

MBB (17) Irene (Mankamyer) Blume-Hines.

MBB (18) This is a 1955 photo, Left to Right: Janelle Aileen Taylor, her great grandfather Joseph Mankamyer, and her sister Susan Lynn Taylor.