Mankamyer ~ Bittner Lineage
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The Mankamyer and Bittner families comes through our mother Jane Alice Hines, who married Kenneth James Taylor. Jane was born to Paul Daniel Hines and Irene Belle Mankamyer.

Irene was born to Josiah Christian Mankamyer and Ida Belle Bittner. Ida’s parents were Nathaniel Bittner and Lydia Lepley.

After Ida Mankamyer died in 1898, her daughter Irene went to live with her Aunt, Alice Lepley-Blume. Alice was the sister of Ida's mother, Lydia.

Our Mankamyer families, and their relationship with the Bittner families are both intertwined with the  the Lepley ~ Blume families.

We have also started working on our photo history of our Mankamyer ~ Bittner families.

We’re still researching these families, but we do have all our Mankamyer ~ Bittner and our Lepley ~ Blume family research papers.