Hines ~ Thomas Lineage
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Our relationship to the Hines and Thomas families begins with our mother, Jane Alice Hines. She was the daughter of Paul Daniel Hines and Irene Belle Mankamyer.

Paul was born to Harry Hines and Harriet Vitter Thomas. Their marriage became our connection to the Hines ~ Thomas families, and through Hattie the Kishbaugh Family. When Paul graduated from a technical trade school in the Philadelphia area, he went to work in Somerset County Pennsylvania. While there in 1926, he met and married Irene Mankamyer from Meyersdale. This union extended our family lineage and German heritage to the Mankamyer ~ Bittner and the Lepley ~ Blume families.

You're also welcome to visit our research page on these families, where you can download all the latest updated papers. We also started to work on our photo history of the Mankamyer ~ Bittner families.